About Us

So how do you serve a quality meal full of flavour that everyone will love, that doesn’t take long to prepare and is free from nasty chemicals?

Meet Olga’s Fine Foods

Olga’s know and understand your situation as this trusted Australian brand has been helping busy mums for over 40 years.

With Olga’s fine foods, just because you are time poor doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the quality of food you serve your family and friends.

Olga’s only use quality Australian beef, chicken and pork in their patties, burgers, schnitzels, sausages and marinated steaks.

Quality meat products prepared with Olga’s secret blend of herbs and spices guarantees that you’ll put smiles on faces as those empty tummies are filled and the hunger pains silenced.

Meet Olga

Olga Ujvary

Olga Ujvary and her husband George immigrated Europe in the 1970’s and first introduced their traditional homemade chevapchichis to diners at their charcoal-grill restaurant in Adelaide. 

Before too long, Olga and George were answering persistent knocks at the kitchen’s back door, as word spread and people lined up to take them home.

Recognising demand, the Ujvarys began producing chevapchichis, meats and smallgoods for sale direct to the public and in 1978—Olga’s Fine Foods was born. The first company in Australia to make and sell beef chevapchichis.

Today, Olga’s has grown to be a family name in South Australia and in 2010, Olga’s was named ‘winner’ in the SA Premier’s Food Awards.

  • Olgas Country Style Burger 500g
  • Olgas Olgas Beef and Vegetable Patties 500g
  • Olgas Olgas Beef Chevapchichi 400g
  • Olgas Olgas Beef Parmigiana Schnitzel 500g
  • Olgas Olgas Beef Schnitzel 500g
  • Olgas Beef Supreme Schnitzel 500g
  • Olgas Chicken and Vegetable Patties 500g
  • Olgas Chicken Breast Parmigiana Schnitzel 500g
  • Olgas Chicken Breast Schnitzel 500g
  • Olgas Chicken Koftas 500g
  • Olgas Chicken Patties 500g
  • Chicken Schnitzel 500g
  • Olgas Country Style Chicken Sausage 500g
  • Olgas Gourmet Beef Burger 500g
  • Olgas Lamb Chevapchichi 500g
  • Olgas Marinated Steak 500g
  • Olgas Texas Beef Pork and Cheese Sausage
  • Veal Schnitzel 500g

The good news for people living outside of South Australia, (where Olga’s products are available in all major supermarket chains), is that Coles are now stocking a selected range of Olga’s products nationally.

So, next time you are in Coles, look for Olga’s products in the packaged meat section and treat both yourself and your family to the delicious taste of Olga’s fine foods.