Olga’s Fine Foods offers a unique range of products to our customers either fresh or frozen. Please check back for future product additions which are currently in development, and be sure to ask your local retailer if there’s something from our range you would like to see in store.


Beef Chevapchichi

Yiros Meat

Lamb Yiros Meat
Chicken Yiros Meat


Beef Schnitzel
Parmigiana Beef Schnitzel
Veal Schnitzel
Chicken Schnitzel
Chicken Breast Schnitzel 200g


Round Yearling Steak Sliced
Marinated Steak
Beef Steakettes
Peppered Beef Steakettes


Country Style Burgers
Olga’s Gourmet Beef Burger
Wagyu Burger


Country Style Chicken Sausage
Texas Beef, Pork and Cheese

Family dinner favourites

Spicy Chicken Kofta
Chicken Patties
Beef and Vegetable Patties
Chicken and Vegetable Patties
Chicken Shaslick
Choice Beef Mince Vacuum Packed

Frozen products

Frozen Hamburgers 100gr 6.0kg Box (60 Per Box)
Frozen Beef Schnitzel
Frozen Chicken Schnitzel
Frozen Chicken Breast Schnitzel 200g

All products available in either 3 or 5 kg bulk packaged, 500g plain tray or 500g map packaged unless stated otherwise.